MESSAGE ON COVID19 by Shri Charudutta Panigrahi on AIR World Service English

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” The coronavirus is a serious thing, it is spreading quickly, there is no cure for it yet. The stronger is your immune system, the safer you are. Meditation is proven to boost your immunity, and reduce the anxiety. This is the time when we should stop mingling out and we should all practice social distancing. Don’t waste this time and use it in a productive manner, learn something new everyday and bond with your loved ones. If you can’t go outside then go inwards.

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Save Jharsuguda – The Power Hub of Eastern India!

Industrial activities like coal mining, generation of power from thermal power plants, etc. have led to high levels of pollution in the water bodies that are the lifelines of Jharsuguda district.
Signed:23 People

Responsible Mining in Odisha

The economy of Odisha is one of the fastest-growing economies in India. Odisha has abundant natural resources and a large coastline. It contains a fifth of India's coal, a quarter of its iron ore, a third of its …
Signed:308 People

Lack of Decent Infrastructure in Education!

Education is the main pillar for the development of a nation. A student spends half of his life in an educational institute. Studies have shown how much difference does a surrounding can make on a …
Signed:7 People

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