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This is Odishadevelopment.org

Odisha Development is an online public domain platform that helps the Odisha diaspora across the world, to leverage their success and social network for the development of their roots, Odisha.This is a not-for-profit initiative, emerging as the only social think tank dedicated to the development of Odisha, specifically. The objective of this platform is to create an informed online community that focuses on the diverse aspects of the development and strike a balance between economic growth and sustainability in Odisha. 

The Platform is

A repository of information and data on Odisha.

A gateway to the world of ‘giving’ for Odisha’s development – district- wise/theme-wise

A vehicle for community projects at your village or district

An exchange for intellectual interfaces

Petition Starters and Supporters

More than 150 million people in 180 countries are bringing changes in their communities.

Non-profit organizations

More influential and active organizations in Odisha are trying to promote their causes and getting more support in Odishadevelopment.org

Decision Makers

Decision makers within the government and companies are interacting directly with citizens.


Journalists are looking for stories with strong impact and websites like ours is the right place for them.

Odisha's bridge between the People of Odisha and the change-makers!





Mamta Rath is a qualified engineer and a management professional who is passionate about the development of her home state Odisha. She lives in the USA and is involved with nonprofits which organize and implement community initiatives in Odisha. She believes in the internalization of development and is a strong advocate for women’s leadership.




Disha Tripathy is a Law Graduate from England. She has worked with Human Rights and Environmental causes across Europe and India, since her time at University. She is currently working in Odisha to bring comprehensive development through her work at FIDR. She has also worked with women leadership organizations to strike a gender balance in leadership positions.


Make Odisha a prime contributor to the Nation’s economy by capitalizing on the development of metal, downstream, agricultural industries, the export of downstream products utilising the port infrastructure, and initiating constructive policies to facilitate this growth.


To create a unified civil society voice in Odisha which deliberates on development issues of the state, documents the deliberations and disseminates the output across stakeholders. The deliberations are expected to influence the policies and the actions of different sectors.