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Lack of Decent Infrastructure in Education!


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Lack of Decent Infrastructure in Education!

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Lack of decent infrastructure in education – In a country like India where half of the population consists of young people, we have become the most “Youthful Nation”. What does this young nation depend on? What is the basis of its foundation? Certainly, it is Education. Education is the main pillar of the development of a nation. Hence, considering this factor there comes the most important requirement of building a good infrastructure in education.
A student spends half of his life in an educational institute. It is just like a home away from home. Studies have shown how much difference does a surroundings make on a student’s creative and intellectual aspects. Without a doubt, sincere steps must be taken towards this idea because of a lack of infrastructure means a lack of proper educational atmosphere.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

– Benjamin Franklin

Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment- education infrastructure – are crucial elements of learning environments in schools and universities. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits.

What Comprises School Infrastructure?

Lack of decent infrastructure in education – Some of the key components which should feature in an ideal checklist while assessing any school infrastructure are as follows:

Spacious and well- ventilated classrooms
Well-equipped labs
Facilities study tables, chairs, furniture and basic utilities such as water, electricity etc.
Study halls
Games equipment
Assembly area
Well-maintained sanitation facilities

What we’re asking for:

– Increase in date budget for education
– Allocation of said budget to Govt schools to provide essential infrastructure
– Alloted budget for training teachers
– Implementation of a comprehensive education model that students will benefit from.

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